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P s y c h i c   S p i r i t u a l   T e a c h e r   &   H e a l e r

W O R D S   o f   G R A T I T U D E

"Michelle has a beautiful gift. She helped me to move forward in life's journey when I felt stuck and was at a standstill. She is clairvoyant, accurate and fully present during our sessions. She provided a safe environment for me to work on personal life challenges. I feel grateful to have worked with Michelle. Underneath all of life's emotions there really exists pure love - when you are ready to explore - Michelle will most definitely show you the way."
Elana, Jupiter, Florida".

"Michelle is a master in her field. My own process began with completing a painful past relationship. It quickly shifted to honoring and discovering those parts of myself that have endless potential."
Dr. Larry, Sacramento, California.

"Michelle is not only a teacher and a mentor for all mankind, she is an inspiration for every soul. When I first came to Michelle I was fragile and in pain. I did not know how to deal with my life. I didn't believe that life could be beautiful. I did not know how strong I was. Working with her and my spirit guides, week by week, made the difference and brought so many beautiful experiences into my life. Her connecting to the real me; my spirit and soul, taught me that life can be a challenge with beautiful rewards! Thank you, Michelle."
Regina, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

"My sessions with Michelle have been one of the single most important things to occur in my life". Bryan, Herndon, Virginia.

"Michelle's love and psychic ability helps me to look inside myself with courage and honesty. Because of her gift and caring I have begun to live a life that is more real and true to myself. It is incredibly liberating and sometimes truly magical. My Higher Self helped me get back to the core of me. She saw dreams that I had forgotten or simply stopped believing were possible. Over the course of working with Michelle, I have dramatically changed my life."
Jeannine, Jupiter, Florida.

"I received more out of one session with Michelle, than I did out of years of therapy."
Lori, Stuart, Florida.

"Two years ago I was lying in a hospital bed with pneumonia withdrawing from alcohol and pain medication. I had already been in six rehab centers, lost my house, my business, my family, and my health. My next destination was a boot camp, last chance facility in Mississippi. I completed that program only to relapse. Again and again, hoping it would be the last time.

Then Michelle came into my life. With Michelle's help I found magic and meaning. I have a new life now, I got my kids back and have been free of pain medication for the first time in 17 years. I cannot put into words what Michelle has done for me. I can only say thank you from the depths of my heart."
Jeff, New Jersey.

"As a child you don't fear showing yourself, your gifts, being spontaneous, being yourself. As you begin to live your life, there are people and experiences that shut you down and hurt you. My 'unseen friends' have helped me figure out and heal the wounds of my childhood and past lives. Now I am free to be the me I always knew I was on the inside. I am more successful in every area of my life than I have ever been. For this, Michelle has been a blessing and a gift."
Rachel, Dallas, Texas.

"Michelle is extremely gifted in seeing and helping people. Her insight is valuable and powerful. She has really helped me."
Marianne, MFCC, New York.

"Michelle, I don't know what I would have done without you. You saved my life. You were there, when no one else knew what to do or say."
Vincent, Dallas, Texas.

"Michelle is a unique individual. Through her psychic sight, she is able to bring out your most inner feelings of hurt, anger, anxiety, loneliness, shyness, emptiness...all the feelings one is so afraid to face and she does so in the most loving way. Every session is filled with love and kindness and the feeling of a safety in which one may express their darkest fears or their most celebrated happiness.

Michelle is a master. Her gift has allowed me to find myself and have the confidence to enjoy a beautiful and amazing life! The tools taught throughout her sessions her enable one to pursue their greatest dreams in life! Thank you Michelle, for everything."
Heather, Boca Raton, Florida.

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