M i c h e l l e   L a u r y n   E a g l e
P s y c h i c   S p i r i t u a l   T e a c h e r   &   H e a l e r

P R I V A T E   S E S S I O N S

As a girl, I could see flashes of people's past lives, present life, their spiritual self and guides. I thought everyone was seeing this, too. As a young adult I realized my ability was unique and so I worked to develop it through learning and practice. I continuously study, heal and expand my self and my gifts everyday.

During your session, I close my eyes and let go to your spirit world and spirit self. As I get in that "state of mind", your spirit guides, Higher Self and Soul are there to communicate with you. You called, they answer. I am the vehicle. They love you, respect you and are there for you. First, I will tell you what they show me, then you can ask any questions you like on any subject. I have found that they answer each question you ask.

I do not use tarot cards, astrology, or physical "fortune telling" tools. Those, for sure, have their value. But during your session, I use my psychic spiritual sight and hold a crystal for grounding and connecting.

Contact me by email: m@michelleeagle.com

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